Britney update

Apologies for a lack of posting the last few months.

Current state of play:

  • car arrived without incident
  • car has been completely stripped to components
  • body shell is due to be sent off to Minus Paint to be chemically stripped in the next week or two
  • both engine frames are too rusted to be used; new ones are on their way
  • most of the plating is back
  • most of the sandblasting and powder coating is done and awaiting pickup
  • Engine, gearbox and diff are still together while I decide what iteration of gearbox and diff I will go with


Disassembly has shown the car to be surprisingly complete, but there was a lot of rust on most of the components. The body shell has had some "repairs" done and has been sprayed with some sort of undercoat. The quality of the metalwork on the repairs is poor however. They have made their own panels and once the paint is off the full extent of the damage to the shell will become apparent.

So now there will be a couple of months waiting for the body to be stripped. In the interim I'll be collecting and sorting all of the components I've sent out and I can then commence rebuilding the various subassemblies. The plating, despite a lot of rust, has come up very well.

More, and some pictures, soon.

Britney moment..

Oops I did it again...

More information to come..


Goodbye 1E34749!

After 5 years of ownership I have sold 1E34749. She looked fantastic for sale, is mechanically excellent and I'm confident that she will more than live up to her new owner's expectations.

But don't despair; there's always another project around the corner!

I'm in the process of preparing my 3.8 OTS for sale as well, and it will hopefully be on the market soon.

This will leave me with my silver series 1 coupe and my MGA.

I have about 700 miles on the engine in the silver car and it is fantastic. It has taken a lot of fiddling to get this car mechanically good but it's there now. Plant your right foot and it takes off like a scalded cat. And the noise....!

The MGA has around 350 miles on it's engine and is really nice to drive. It's a completely different driving experience of course, lots more revs and lots more gear changing. I'm toying with the idea of fitting a longer diff and a supercharger...maybe.


Once, and never again

Today, the only time all 3 of my E Types have been running and in the same place at the same time.


4.2 all 3 cars

5 year anniversary

It's 5 years since I bought my first E Type.

Here she is in her previous owner's shed.

IMG 2656


And here she is yesterday after the detailler has finished with her, prior to sale.


IMG 2658

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