Back together...but..

Having reinstalled the seats yesterday only putting the speedo in and the bonnet back on remained for today.

After an initial successful start of the engine I put the speedo back in. Took a little while to work out which light was which, but it all went easily.

However after this the engine just woundn't start.  Dead as.

There was a good 12v at the coil but absolutely no spark. Eventually I put in another distributor; started straight away. Somehow I've managed to fry the brand new Pertronics Ignitor.  I've never even driven the car with this one in..

Now, of course, despite the timing being spot on, the bloody thing won't idle. Bitch. I suspect that the "El Crappo" electronic ignition in that dizzy has been damaged too.

Thoroughly annoyed, I have put the bonnet back on, given her a quick wash and put her back in the shed, in disgrace. Tomorrow I'm going to get a standard coil and a set of points and put the old (good) Lucas dizzy back in.



back together



new seats