How to take your bonnet off by yourself.


Before you start, disconnect the 8 pin wiring plug to the bonnet.





Put 2 pillows under the front of the bonnet.




Open the bonnet fully.




Thread a loop of strong cord through the rear bonnet vent.




Tie this loop to a rope that is securely attached to the roof. Use a knot that you can undo with one hand.




Remove the bonnet balance link bolt, then remove the hinge bolt. Support the bonnet with your shoulder under the wheel arch. Guide it gently forward and down onto the pillow. 




Do the same on the other side. You may find a piece of cardboard useful to stop the bonnet damaging the paint on the front frame.




Roll the car back far enough that you have room to lie the bonnet down. The front rests on the pillows.




Position a 6' x 3' piece of carpet between the car and the bonnet, untie your knot while supporting the bonnet and then rest it down onto the carpet.  




Then lifting the bonnet from the front, stand it upright on the carpet.




The bonnet can now be easily moved by pulling it along on the carpet; support it with a hand to stop it falling over.




You can now access the front of the car easily. Time elapsed; 10 minutes.







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