The home stretch.

Having returned from a week's holiday I'm raring to get the car finished.

The first job was getting the reaction tie plate and torsion bars back in. As this is a job I hadn't done before there were a few teething problems, but with some sound advice it all eventually went smoothly. The two good bits of advice I got were to put the bars in from the front, sliding them back to insert them, and to loosen all of the bolts on the tie plate to allow the tear drops in, THEN tighten everything up.  I'm reasonably confident that I have got the torsion bars in correctly, but as insurance I have fitted an adjustable reaction plate in case final adjustments are needed.


reaction plate




reaction plate1


From now on the reassembly should proceed realtively smoothly, as I an simply reinstalling parts that I have already put on before.  Ron came around to help me put the exhausts back on yesterday, and today I have reassembled the front suspension, torqued everything up and bled the brakes and clutch.

With luck I may have her back on the road in a week or two.