Running in

250 miles on the clock now and it has only broken down twice.

Well 3 times.

Actually 4. No. 5 if you count frying the rubbish SimonBBC dizzy as well, although that only took 30 seconds and the car was stationary in the shed at the time.


Problems so far include:


1. Pertronics Ignitor fried, probably by faulty coil from SimonBBC

2. SimonBBC distributor and electronic coil fried by its own coil

3. Missing and backfiring; fuel starvation due to a combination of fuel filter blockage with crap from "cleaned" tank and fuel line compression by spare wheel.

4. Alternator failure; car ran bravely until battery was completely exhausted.

5. I still have to get to the bottom of the alternator problem; I suspect the alternator control relay as replacing the alternator with a different one made no difference. Although it might be the "new" battery too...


Roll on Mr Lucas; I say!


Ineterestingly; the picture below shows the battery gauge, and the battery is charging...hmmm.