No more steering wheel.

I only had about an hour free this afternoon but I have put it to good use with a bit of judicious disassembly.

The radiator overflow tank, winscreen washer, LHD accelerator pedal and it's linkages and finally the steering wheel and column have all come out.

As you all know, my car is one of the "Federal" spec late Series 1 vehicles, also known as "Series 1.5".  The difficulty with these cars is that the actual bits used for each car vary and when ordering parts it's hard to get it all right.  For example I ordered series 1 RHD dashboards; they're the wrong ones.  My car is looking like it is a quite late 1968 model and  the interior seems to be just about all Series 2. Certainly the dash and the steering column assembly is.

All part of life's rich tapestry.