Start with something simple

Plan today is to sort out the indicators ( not working) and change the oil.  

 After a little thought I find the fuse box; hoping the fuse has gone but its fine.  Eventually fiddling with the (faulty) hazard switch makes the indicators work.  Radio and it’s mounting not plugged in so removed for later.

 Oil change a lot harder that it should be.

1.  Where the hell are the jacking points?  
2.  My new ramps slip on the floor; give up there.  
3.  My fancy jack doesn’t work.

After some fiddling I realise the jack is empty of fluid.  Good old Lucas brake fluid does the trick and with some trepidation I jack the front up and put stands under the suspension arms. 

 Drainplug removed and dirty oil comes out.  Strained; no nuts, bolts or metal bits at all.  9l of Vulvaline  put back in, an emormous volume! Clutch pressure plate is oily; suspect rear crankshaft oil seal.

Spend a while bending the flanges on the front cross member (picture frame) back into shape and fitting the regulation 1” hardwood stake to allow safe jacking.

Ball joint boots are all US and LHS lower grease nipple has snapped off.  Added to "to do" list.

Day called @ 1700hrs.