All coming together

Marty came over yesterday, and in about 5 hours removed and replaced the dash and engine bay wiring looms.  I estimate that this would have taken me a week to do.
As usual, there were problems. What sort of fool would assume that if you ordered an under bonnet wiring loom it would include the alternator loom or the radiator fan loom?  Well, me.  So they're on their way from SNG B now.
Today Alex and I repainted the bezels on the tacho and speedo, and buffed up sundry chrome bits.  The dash looks great.
Popped up to Chris's for the E type tragics Saturday morning coffee.  My diff is back together and looks fantastic painted pumpkin.  The other bits will be back from the platers and powder coaters late next week so I should have an IRS to put back within 2 weeks.
All in all progress is going well.