Don't say the "F" word

I have put the carpets and the seats back in.  On Monday the bonnet goes back on, and I hope to have a windscreen by the end of the week. It's nearly...fini@#ed.

If it wasn't for Barratt's infinitely stupid policy of not sending orders because one part out of the whole order isn't available but not actually TELLING you this, I would have had the choke light bezel that I need over a week ago, and I would have the crash panel in too.


So in 6 months I have achieved the following:


LHD to RHD conversion with all new parts
Cooling system including heater fully reconditioned
Car fully rewired with the exception of the rear light looms
Fuel system completely restored from tank to carbs
All hydraulics including brakes completely rebuilt
Front suspension reconditioned
IRS completely reconditioned and ratio changed to 3.07 from 3.54

I have spent around AU$25k in addition to buying the car.

As soon as the car is registered, I have new 6.5" wheels and triple SU's ready to install. The rest of the new SS exhaust will go on then too.



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