Shipwright's disease again

I never liked the gearbox in my Silver 4.2. The shift was loose and sloppy and it grinds when you push it into first. So when the clutch started to judder a bit in first, I decided to bite the bullet and rebuild the box and replace the clutch.

Rob, who I bought the car from had had it fully restored about 10 years ago, and since then it has covered about 12000miles.

The other thing that had annoyed me with the car was that it was always a bit tappety. Otherwise the engine is strong, and runs and pulls well. Of course the patented Jaguar undercar anti corrosion system is working well, it leaks oil from everywhere.

So...since the engine's out anyway we may as well do the head with new long skirt oversize buckets, as these were'nt available when the last rebuild was done. 

And.. since the head's off, why not strip and rebuild the short motor with new rings and bearings and a maybe it will leak less.


Patented Churchill bonnet securing prop for better access. I think it is an old seat runner.


Rob engine bonnet prop


Equally patented Churchill hub supporting bracket. The top hooks around the upper wishbone fulcrum pin.


Rob engine hub hanger


The Pied Piper leading the engine and gearbox off to their doom...


Rob engine bonnet prop2


Cross hatching still visible on the bores. I suppose that if you change the oil every 1000 miles you'd hope it's still be good after 12000 miles.


Rob engine bore


Crank journals looking lovely. All on 10 thou oversized. The bearings all look good enough to reuse; no copper showing through at all.


Rob engine crank


Carbon thrust bearing is almost totally gone after only 12000 miles. Clutch plate (not shown) is almost completely worn down to the rivets. 


Rob engine thrust bearing

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