The last few little jobs have been done since the windscreen went in on Wednesday.  It was an anticlimax; the new screen was an exact copy of the old one, the seal fitted perfectly and the nice bloke from Complete Windscreens did an excellent job.

With a little help I'd managed to get the padded dash top back in as well; again it was easier than expected and apart from one of the ignition dash lights everything still works.

Yesterday I reinstalled the grille trim bar.  This is held in place with two double ended rubberized bolts. The rubber had broken, and the bolts in the overriders were firmly rusted in place. I had to remove the overriders and use screw extractors on both sides to shift them.  Add another 2 hours to the hours worked.

Today I tackled changing the windscreen wipers to park on the right. Much has been written about this mystical process but fortunately the US LHD Series 1.5 has the DL3A wiper motor.  All you need to do is remove 3 screws, rotate the top plate 180 degrees, do the screws up again and it's done. It really is that simple and took 5 mins.

To celebrate, I gave the old girl a nice wash. She looks great.




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