A Lucas moment

I've been driving the car a bit while gradually fixing little things.

Yesterday after a bit of a drive to attempt to calibrate the speedometer (a whole other story for the future), I noticed that the indicators briefly stopped working.

Thinking nothing more of it, while removing the speedo today I opened the centre console to discover that it was full of genuine Lucas Smoke! Very exciting.

On further investigation the plastic surrounding the fuse clip for fuse #7 had almost completely melted and the fuse and clip were too hot to touch.

Presumably there's a short somewhere; I did notice that the radiator fans were running without the car being warm, so that's where I'll start looking.

The trim, on the other hand, looks brilliant.  With a new headliner, carpets glued down, rips and scuffs fixed and new door trim she looks a million bucks.  Putting some Dynamat over the tunnel has improved the noise too, although the cabin is still hotter than I'd prefer.

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