Exciting news!

I have received the manufacturing data from the excellent chaps at Classic Car Heritage Team.


Email as follows:

"Dear Andrew,

We are pleased to say we have located your vehicle.

The good news is that it is a truly original car; all the numbers you provided match exactly the original factory records.

Details: Jaguar XK-E 4.2 litre FHC LHD

Date of manufacture: 27th September 1967

Chassis number:     1E 34749

Engine number:       7E 14442-9

Body number:         4E 26452

Gearbox number:     EJ 15770

Original paint colour: Crimson Red

Original trim colour: Black

Dispatched to Jaguar Cars New York (dealers) on 31st October 1967 Original owner: Arthur McGill, 965 Mangrove Avenue, Sunnyvale, California.

Invoice date:         2nd November 1967

Invoice number:       1/50149

Thank you Andrew for your valued custom.

Yours sincerely and fraternally, Mark Dale.

Classic Car Heritage Team.

PS Andrew if you are happy with our service we would be grateful for a mention on the 'Etype forum' thank you, Mark."

This means it's cake and champers for Sally's 44th birthday on Tuesday!