Post mortem findings 2

Yesterday I pulled the whole engine apart.

Basically it looks OK although tired and worn. It's obviously been "rebuilt" to some degree before but IMO not to a good standard. The big end bolts had 12 point (modern) nuts on them, but the original bolts with holes for split pins had been reused. The other main bearing journals look a bit better than the centre main which is quite badly scored. The bearing shells are +0.10 too. I have a spare crank that is in good condition and standard size so I might use it instead.

The block looks OK as best I can tell and the head looks OK although I will be putting on an XJ6 series 3 big valve head anyway so it doesn't really matter.

Chris is going to pick up the bits this week and take them off to the machinist. I have ordered most of the parts apart obviously from pistons and bearings. I'm going to go with a new Fidanza aluminum flywheel too.


engine full down