We have a steering wheel!

The New Year signifies rebirth, a new start with endless opportunity. Full of such hope I ventured out into the shed, intending to install the steering column and steering wheel. What better way to make a new start as a RHD vehicle?
Sadly, it was not to be. Fiendish Sir William Lyons, in his neverending quest to save a penny, had struck again. The Federal spec cars had to be fitted with a collapsable steering column, which had different mountings on the bulkhead than the older column. But the new mounting point captive nuts were only fitted on the LEFT of the car. The RIGHT still has the four nuts for the old column. Damn you Sir William! Cursing, I retired for the day.
A quick search of "The E Type Forum" archives lead me back to Mike Cassidy's excellent series of articles and instructions on how to proceed. Armed with knowledge, a drill and a good strong arm the job was done in an hour.
Prosaic really, and very Jaguar. It'll get there, but in it's own sweet time.

I will need to swap the indicator stalk over and modify the starter switch mount to move it to the left, but those are jobs for another day.


steering wheel

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