Busy Sunday

The sun is coming up quite early and having woken at 6am I decided to put in a solid day in the shed.

Today I have achieved a lot:


  1. removed the old steering rack and fitted the new one; despite my trepidation it fitted perfectly
  2. fitted the new tie rod ends, which seem to be possibly the wrong part
  3. changed the lower steering universal joint; it was fun hammering out the old caps
  4. removed, cleaned and refitted all of the front brake pipes; then realised that they didn't need to be reversed, so put them back the right way
  5. fitted the new braided front brake hoses
  6. refitted the rebuilt front brake calipers; not sure of the torque settings for the 1/2" bolts so guessed 60 ftlb
  7. refitted the rebuilt brake vacuum servo
  8. cleaned the lower steering column ready for painting


It really is very satisfying opening bags and boxes with new parts in them and putting them on the car.


steering rack