A Visitation

This morning the gurus arrived.  At 9.30 sharp Chris and Alan arrived, along with Marty and my mate Ron.  Chris and Alan restore E Types and Marty fixes electrics. He had just finished my windscreen wiper motor.

An inspection was made, coffee and buns were consumed.  I asked many questions:

"How do I get the driver's side door to open?"  I asked.  I haven't been able to open it using the door handle since I got the car.  "Have you tried using the key to unlock it?"  said Alan.  Bugger me, it worked.  Why didn't I think of that?

Marty discussed the wiring.  Alan nodded knowingly.

After talking to Chris I'm going to bite the bullet and take off the IRS. I'll take it up to him and get him to fully recondition it and put in a 3.07 diff.  I wasn't going to but once its done I'll never have to touch it again.  He's got the tools to get the bearings out of the hub carriers and knows stuff about shims. Hopefully I can do the disassembly and help put it back together too.

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