The Jag Arrives...

I am understandable very keen to pick up car after over a week of waiting. Jarrod arrives at 10am and we set off to Aldgate.

Agreed pickup was 11m but we get there at 1015; doh.

Gaynor rings poor Alan, who is having coffee with the boys at Chris’s place which seems to be where E-type types congregate on a Saturday.

Alan rushes home to find us manhandling his beloved. The car silly, not Gaynor!

After a short time tow truck arrives, we load the car on and off we go.

By 1110am she’s being unloaded at my house. A few tense moments and she’s in the purpose-built shed.


First problem; RH front tyre flat. Jarrod thinks it’s the tube but I reckon it is the valve. Remove the (loose) Schrader valve and replace; pump tyres to 40 psi; no problemo!

First thing is to pull the plugs out (finger tight at best) and check the compression. Stressful but all cylinders are between 150 and 155; very encouraging. Note that this is with the engine unstarted and cold; the would be higher if done properly. Plugs are gapped and reinstalled. They look to be new BP5ES’s and are a bit sooty but otherwise clean.

Jarrod has a coffee while I pull off the fuel hose to the carbies and check that the fuel pump works; which it does. Next step; check spark.

I pull of the dizzy cap. Looks a bit old and the contacts are a bit pitted but the arm looks ok. Start looking for the points; and can’t find them. Briefly thinking they have disintegrated and gone down into the dizzy but NO! There’s an electronic ignition system fitted! Check spark on HT leads; looks a little weak but it’s there.

By now it’s 1300 hrs. After discussion we decide to try to get the old girl going. The sooty plugs suggest flooding so we elect to not use the choke. 5 minutes of spraying 25% ether down the carbs with a few coughs and farts but nothing.

I’m just about ready to call it a day when…she starts! See video!


Amazing. No smoke and settles to idle within a few mins. The bloody instruments seem to work too but we shut her down because the temp gauge isn’t working; no surprises there. We had checked the coolant level in the overflow tank but after a few minutes it becomes obvious that there’s …no coolant. DOH! Coolant added and woot she runs up to temperature (80) and then the thermostatic fans kick in!

Final job remove the air filter box; bottom plate rusted out but the rest looks OK. Call it a day at about 6pm. Very happy!