The wires finally arrive

The wires have finally arrived. Sent by good old Royal Mail they seem to have been carried by donkey, camel, rickshaw and carrier pelican to arrive in only 26 days from the day they were sent.
The 3 bags contain the few things missing from the otherwise comprehensive "Under Bonnet" loom. Things like the alternator wiring, the fan loom and another dozen or so vital components.
Martin is coming over tomorrow and with luck we will have liftoff.






With yesterday's reinstallation of the steering column and wheel it became apparent that the front wheel allignment was way out. I mean way out. I read the manual, got confused with 16ths of an inch and whether I needed my toes in or out.

So I rang Ron to ask him what to do. He laughed and duly arrived with a spirit level and a piece of string. 10 mins later; perfect.


 Wheel allign


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