An update on various projects

You may recall the picture of the wear on the number 5 bore of my block. Here is a different view. Note the hone marks are present, indicating very little actual bore wear. When measured, while all the other bores were perfectly machined at 2 thou over piston size, this one was machined at 5 thou over. This isn't wear, this is a cock up by the engine machinist. Unfortunately the work was done in 2004 for the previous and now deceased owner, so the culprit will never be known.


Rob engine bore01

A nice demonstration of hairline cracks between the bores.  The crack demonstrated with UV light.

Rob engine block crack02The extent of the crack shown after the block has been remachined to fit a top hat liner. Bizzarely, four of the six bores had been fitted with top hats already, although one was in bore number one with a normal liner next to it. This is where the crack above was.

All six bores now have interlocked top hats; no more cracks. This is what the last machinist should have done; maybe he forgot to finish the job properly after a hard night out.

Rob engine block crack01

The crank about to be installed. The bores were taken out to 30 thou oversize, and done properly this time.


Rob short motor2

 Here's the completed short motor awaiting the head. The rebuilt gearbox can be seen behind.

Rob short motor

Shim collection. Jealous anyone? 

4.2 head shimming

In other news, my original red series 1.5 is just about ready for sale, having been resprayed. It looks really nice and I'm just fettling a final few things.

In a fit of pique it broke down last weekend while on the way to the car wash, with a throttle shaft clip falling off resulting in no throttle.  

Doing my best McGyver impression I fixed it with a paperclip. 


The engine for the Lightweight replica is pretty much finished: 

LW Engine01


LW Engine02


LW Engine03






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