Hibernation and reflections on plating.

Well as with all unicorns, Carl turned out to be mostly a mythical creature.

The quality of the zinc plating was substandard but was as expensive as the good platers. And, some of the more difficult to replace bolts were lost. Happily though I did get some extra parts that weren't from my car at all, so that was maybe compensation.

I ended up getting all the zinc replated elsewhere, and it now looks good.

The powder coating was good, however there was a "misunderstanding" with the original quote. When I said "that's for everything?" I understood it to mean that the quote included all of the chrome and zinc plating and the powder coating. Sadly it seems the quote I was given was for the chrome alone, making it the total about 30% more than expected.

The final nail in the coffin though was when I went to pick up the chrome to discover that the holes in the overriders for the Amco bars hadn't been welded up as discussed. 

I asked them to give me a call when they had fixed this. As the chroming has taken the best part of 2 months I won't be looking for them much before Christmas..


Here is the reassembled front suspension in all its glory.  Now if it would only warm up enough to enable me to paint I could start putting the car back together.


Front suspension plated

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