Thursday, 20 December 2012

E Type soup

Take 20l of diesel. Add most of an E Type, covered in grease. Steep in the hot Aussie sun for a week. Mmmm tasty.



3.8 E type Soup

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Monday, 17 December 2012

EDIS installed

After one set of plugs/points/leads/cap/rotor, 2 distributors, 3 electronic ignition modules, 4 coils...5 goooooold rings!!! Oops. The combination of ignition problems and the festive season got to me there.

Installation of the EDIS system wasn't exactly a snap; 3 or 4 hours careful work would better describe it.

But turn the key and magic! Even idle, positive pedal and absolutely no pinging!




EDis coilpack


Edis mega

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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Pinging begone!

I never have been one to do things by halves, and after a lot of thought about the timing issue I bought one of Ray Livingstone's EDIS conversions for the E type.

I can't help myself really; I just love things I can fiddle with. I'll install it this weekend.



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Sunday, 09 December 2012

First steps

With pretty much everything stripped down, its time for some plating and powder coating.

Will be good if I can get this lot back before Christmas.


3.8 plating


3.8 plating2


3.8 plating3

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Friday, 30 November 2012

Picked clean

Only the engine frames to come off and a bit of trim and sound deadener to go.


3.8 picked clean

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Wednesday, 28 November 2012


We went for a 60 mile club run on the weekend. the car is a delight to drive now. feels solid on the road, turns in well and lovely feel through the wheel. The miss, presumably due to fuel starvation/leanness has resolved but any more than half throttle produces obvious pinging.

I'm using the distributor that came with the car, which as you recall had Strombergs fitted. I'm wondering if the problem is related to excessive advance.

To give myself more control I've taken the perhaps excessive step of ordering an EDIS system from Ray Livingstone. It will be interesting to see how the car performs once the advance curve is properly controlled.

I'm also awaiting a set of new cams with a D Type grind.

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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Green is the new Red

We started pulling the 3.8 OTS apart this week.

Most of the engine bay was stripped in a day and a half.



3.8 Empty Nest


3.8 carbs off


Engine out

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Saturday, 03 November 2012

Off to the Beauty Parlour

With 300 miles on the clock I've decided to give her to Ross, the paint man, for a bit of a tidy up.

I don't want a respray. Rather I want to get the little dings and scratches sympathetically touched up and get a nice polish to tart the old girl up a bit. From the beginning I intended to have a drivable car, not a trailer queen.

Watch this space.

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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Warming up

Well to be honest, this project is pretty much finished.

Today I re installed the air box and set the indicator cancellation.

Not much else to do.




 But..I was up at Chris's on Friday and got stuck into stripping a Series 1 4.2 OTS.

Once this one's done it's time to start my Series 1 3.8l OTS! I plan to have it stripped by the end of November. Body shop reckons they'll have it back to me by July 2013, so by then I plan to have the IRS and engine rebuilt, along with all the other bits. I'm particualrly looking forward to locking horns with the Kelsey Hayes servo.

Watch this space!

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Monday, 22 October 2012

Running in

250 miles on the clock now and it has only broken down twice.

Well 3 times.

Actually 4. No. 5 if you count frying the rubbish SimonBBC dizzy as well, although that only took 30 seconds and the car was stationary in the shed at the time.


Problems so far include:


1. Pertronics Ignitor fried, probably by faulty coil from SimonBBC

2. SimonBBC distributor and electronic coil fried by its own coil

3. Missing and backfiring; fuel starvation due to a combination of fuel filter blockage with crap from "cleaned" tank and fuel line compression by spare wheel.

4. Alternator failure; car ran bravely until battery was completely exhausted.

5. I still have to get to the bottom of the alternator problem; I suspect the alternator control relay as replacing the alternator with a different one made no difference. Although it might be the "new" battery too...


Roll on Mr Lucas; I say!


Ineterestingly; the picture below shows the battery gauge, and the battery is charging...hmmm.

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