Friday, 30 September 2011

Another busy day.

I had no work today and so have been able to devote the entire day to the car.

I went out early, bought some rubber to replace the perished strips in the wheel wells, picked up the latest box of parts from work and then headed home.

Rob arrived mid morning and we set to work on the windscreen.  The screen seal was fossilised and quickly succumbed to a sharp chisel.  The screen came out easily and the spot welded lips of the panels were revealed and completely rust free.  I have never seen this before; usually the metal in this area looks like a rust coloured lace doily.

A bit of cursing and contortions and the dash came out too.

We then unpacked the new dash wiring loom and compared it to the existing wiring.  It actually looks pretty similar although the devil will be in the detail, no doubt.  Rob looked very confident.


rob wiring


Satisfied with the destruction Rob headed home, but I soldiered on.

The rubber strips were removed along with the rivets holding them in place. I repainted the metal strips and then put the whole lot back on.  The rubber is a little uneven but it will suffice.

The parcel contained the new accelerator pedal and housing.  I was able to reuse all of the old parts from the original LHD pedal box.  Finally got it all together and bolted it in but the actuator arm connector to the linkage was on the wrong side.  So out it all came, I ground off and welded the connector back onto the other side, polished and replated the arm and I now have an accelerator!

Annoyingly the captive nut holding the eccentric rest from the brand new linkage set fell off; not properly welded in.  So that will have to come off and be welded and replated another day.



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