Tuesday, 23 August 2011

JA: Jagaholics Anonymous

Phone call:

Andrew: "Rob, I was tempted today.  Really tempted."

Rob: "Yes?"

Andrew: "Well, I couldn't help myself."

Rob: "  It happens sometimes.  What did you do?"

Andrew:  "I bought a Max Jax hoist".

Rob: silence... then "Oh Andrew that's terrible! Don't you have any self control at all?"

Andrew:  (miserable silence)

Rob: "So when do you get it and can I come over and have a look?"


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Cooling system v1.0001

I managed to finish work early today, and despite it being the middle of winter the sunshine beckoned.

So I rolled the old girl out onto the back lawn and took out the radiator and the water pump.

Lots of fun was had with hoses and my new high pressure water squirty thing, flushing the block out as best I could and cleaning the previously inaccessible front of the engine.

I took the radiator to a local radiator place to get it cleaned out.  Fantastic.  Lots of solder and open gas flames.

Then the brakes were dropped off to Tony.  He did the "double teapot with head shake" (hands on hips) at the  condition of the MC and booster with the classic "Hmmm that's going to be expensive" head shake.  Apparently the boosters are a "frontbottom" and hard to get apart.  We'll see.

Got an email from a man about a set of SUs.

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