Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Engine building 2: pistons

Machined, balanced rods.



3.8 Engine build pistons006


New standard pistons. Rings have been checked in the bores by the machine shop.


3.8 Engine build pistons007


Assembly lube, slide the gudgeon pin in with the piston forward and the rod numbers on the exhaust side. Put the circlips smooth (not sharp cut) side IN. Check for positive seating by rotating clips with the circlip pliers. Leave the circlips pointing down.


3.8 Engine build pistons002




3.8 Engine build pistons008


 Lay out assembled rods in order.


3.8 Engine build pistons009


Insert bearings. 


 3.8 Engine build pistons010


All in. 


3.8 Engine build pistons011




3.8 Engine build pistons012




3.8 Engine build pistons014


Set the engine at #1 TDC. Set the dizzy drive at 10 to 4 with the big D up. Tap the crank dizzy drive in until it just contacts the brass cog. Rotate the brass cog back 3 teeth (same as the width of the crank drive) and then slowly tap the crank drive home. This will put the dizzy drive properly back to 10 to 4 with the big D up at TDC. EASY!!


3.8 Engine build pistons015




3.8 Engine build pistons016



3.8 Engine build pistons017





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